SIFTR an Image Curation Platform raises $150K from Venture Catalysts


Funded Company

SIFTR Labs, the photography curation platform raises $150,000 from Venture Catalysts.

Brief about the company

SIFTR Labs assist photographers in curating individual digital content photography platforms. It analyzes all their photos online using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, finds their best shots, and lays them out in a beautiful manner.


Company is founded by Romil Mittal in 2015.


Venture Catalysts, which is a Mumbai-based seed investment platform invested $150,000 in SIFTR Labs. Angel investors Vishal Maheshwari, Vikas Kapoor, Daud Ali and Nitin Agarwal have also participated in the round.

Usage of Funds

Funds will also be used to improve its current technology stack.

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