Interview with Abhinav Singh, Co-Founder at PushChamp

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With so much of data generated every second it is a no brainer that we are moving towards a push based model from the traditional pull based one. We are a core tech-driven company motivated by nothing but creating value out of technology, and our product does the same. We help companies engage with their users smartly, using minimum of resources.

Pushchamp is a cross-platform communication solution for marketers and developers. We help customer centred companies to send cross platform notifications to their users on mobile, browsers, sms and even email. In simple terms, the customer tells us to notify User X about a message Y, and PushChamp takes the responsibility of reaching that user on all/selected platforms wherever that user is present. We send millions of messages to people on these various platforms, track those messages for the impact they are creating and show real-time analytics. Above all this, we have amazing features like user profiling, reusable templates, segmentation, notification designing tool and much more.

Give us a snapshot of your professional journey till now.

Born in the city of nawabs, Lucknow, I did my graduation from DAIICT, Gujarat in 2010. I always loved startups and knew that I had to join one. So, I joined Kuliza and then Goibibo. It really helped me experience the full cycle of product development. I am crazy about technology and tried to make sure I work on different technologies. I worked on a lot of stuff ranging from web, mobile, distributed systems to databases.

When & how did the entrepreneurial bug bite you?

I love making products. I worked on a lot of products from scratch and then scaled many of them to millions of users. I wanted to learn more and build something truly amazing. It happened during my tenure at Goibibo when I met Shailesh, my Co-Founder, and found the same zeal in him which I had for PushChamp.

What were the early days at PushChamp like?

Early days are the best and I still think there is a long way to go. From the very first day we knew the value of money. You have to be very cautious of your burn rate. So rather than spending on lavish offices we decided to start building the product from my home. Many times the internet didn’t work and there were frequent power cuts. But being in India you have to be very patient with the infrastructure and just keep going. Many times I remember working by connecting our systems to mobile tethering. Well, I tried to picture that small child in front of my home who used to study in street light. 🙂


Can you please describe what a typical day at office is like?

Being a small company you basically have to do EVERYTHING. I start my day early by checking stats and some product development. After 11, I do a lot of mails and get in touch with my clients. After 7pm, we start brainstorming and working on the product till we are satisfied.

Can you tell us about the technology stack used at PushChamp?

Our stack comprises of the technology that is appropriate for the job to be done. To scale our system we have kept our API and application server separate. It involves a lot of distributed machines to consume the messages. Our application server is built over Django, and apart from that we use golang, python, javascript, AWS, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, etc.

Is there any technology that you’re personally betting on to help you scale up?

I feel that every part has to play it’s own role to scale a system. A car won’t run at 200 miles/hour, if a screw is loose.

How are you using Business Intelligence and analytics at your company?

We ourselves give business intelligence and analytics solutions to our customers. We help them take better decisions regarding their marketing needs with the help of collected data.

For our product we keep a very close eye on customer behaviour, site footprint, bounces and free trials to get leads and data for improvement.

How else does technology help your company stand apart from its rivals?

We have a system in which any platform can be plugged in very easily. Because of that we were able to support all possible messaging platforms like android, iOS, windows, safari, chrome, sms and email. We would soon be adding IOT and other platforms like social.

What has been the biggest technical challenge you’ve faced while running PushChamp?

Being an engineer, there wasn’t any technical challenge that troubled me. It was the sales and marketing part that I struggled with. But I think I am getting it now.

What are some of the attributes you look out for in a prospective technology employee?

Something we really value in an individual is the never give up attitude. Whatever you do, whatever problem you solve, you should just not give up.

How do you keep up to date with the latest happenings in the technology world?

Well, these days it’s hard to miss out on something you really like, thanks to the amazing recommendation engines of Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter.

What gets you excited about coming to work every day?

It’s the enthusiasm to build whatever we have envisioned and making it better everyday.

What sets PushChamp engineering culture apart?

We believe in creating value. It doesn’t matter if an intern has a good idea. We will go ahead and implement it if it is really good.

Which PushChamp value resonates best with you?

Never give up attitude is one thing that we have always believed in.

Any piece of advice for the techies out there?

I have seen that everyone out there has one or two ideas with him or her, but they never get implemented. You can try to observe and learn but you won’t really know what could have happened unless you jump into it. Plus it’s fun to take risks, especially if you are young 🙂


[This interview is sponsored by , India’s leading aggregator of co-working spaces, meeting rooms and shared offices. If you have additional office space and are looking to rent it, please do list it on If you are looking for space for your startup, do visit]

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