Interview with Mangesh Pujari, Machine Learning Scientist at Plabro


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Plabro Networks is a B2B networking and communication platform which is solely dedicated to the real estate agents. It enables them to share their inventories and requirements with other real estate agents. This easy availability of data on Plabro platform makes the agents aware about the current trends in the real estate market, which in turn helps them take informed decisions. The company is also planning to add data analytics to its app which will provide business insights to the real estate brokers.

Plabro looks really promising and has recently received a funding of $350k from the Flipkart founders, Sachin and Binny Bansal. The early round of funding for the company also involved Sol Primero, Outbox Ventures and angel investor Sangram Singh. They plan to use the received funding primarily for geographical expansion and product development. The company which was founded by Aaditya Jain and Pankaj Garg is already quite popular among their target audience and has around 3000 active users in the cities of Gurgaon and Noida. They are planning to expand to 35 new cities within the next 10 months and hoping to create an active users network of 4 lakh real estate agents.


Give us a snapshot of your professional journey till now.

After doing masters from IISc, Bangalore, I worked with Veveo for almost 5 Years. At Veveo we built content discovery system, which is being used by millions of people in North America.

What were the early days at Plabro like?

It was a thrilling experience to build things from the scratch. It was a lot of learning as we worked very closely with customers. Many sleepless nights 🙂

Can you please describe what a typical day at office is like?

Almost every day is equally happening and involves a lot of learning. Typically we plan things weekly and break down big tasks in daily to-dos. The day starts with discussions (debating, brainstorming) on ideas and the rest of day goes in implementation and releasing built features

We believe in Philosophy of working hard and party hard.

We keep celebrating everything 🙂

Can you tell us about the technology stack used at Plabro?

We are using Linux, Apache, MySql, Python, Redis, Elastic search, Mongo & Kafka. The servers are hosted on AWS and we are using Git for code repository.

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Is there any technology that you’re personally betting on to help you scale-up?

Almost all the things are asynchronous and modular, we can scale any bottleneck module horizontally. So the combination of above technology stack is sufficient for scaling-up.

How are you using Business Intelligence and analytics at your company?

All product decisions in terms of features and their priority depends on how users are using the product. So we are tracking each activity by every user and the content of post is very important. We are using some modern analytics tools to track it and are also building internal tools for doing some specialised analytics for extracting interesting user behaviours  

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How else does technology help your company stand apart from its rivals?

All postings on our platform are in the form of free texts(we call it shouts). There is lot of valuable information that can be conveyed when you use free text as compared to form filling. We have built intelligent text mining algorithms which extract non-trivial information from text that helps us in building intelligent search and recommendation system which are key in any information consumption system. Example is “–Distress deal– East facing corner plot 300 sqyd on sale in Sushant Lok I, deal closing tonight” There is no way you can fill such information rich post in any form.

We are sensing each action of the user which helps us in building a personalised information consumption layer.

What are some of the attributes you look out for in prospective technology employees?

We primarily look for two attributes,

  1. Passion, and
  2. Sense of ownership

How do you keep up to date with the latest happenings in the technology world?

I subscribe to relevant websites and also keep reading on the internet.

What gets you excited about coming to work every day?

The feeling and belief that Plabro can change the way real estate industry works worldwide is what keeps me excited.

What sets Plabro engineering culture apart?

There are three things that sets us apart –

  1. Everyone at Plabro is passionate about what they are doing and it results in one of the best pieces of work,
  2. Sense of ownership, and
  3. Customer obsession


[This interview is sponsored by , India’s leading aggregator of co-working spaces, meeting rooms and shared offices. If you have additional office space and are looking to rent it, please do list it on If you are looking for space for your startup, do visit]

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