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Quuno is an ambitious start-up which provides on-demand and subscription home cleaning services to its customers with fulfilment and quality being the prime focus. It is based upon the idea of creating an efficient workforce out of semi-skilled and unskilled labourers by providing them proper training which further enhances their performance. The increased efficiency helps the workers earn more, improving their livelihood and the customers get a professional and quality service at their doorstep.

The domestic services sector is highly unorganized but Quuno is all set to make its presence felt. They started operations in September and are already quite popular within months of their start.
Let’s know a little more about this start-up from Tejas Shah, the founder of Quuno.

What motivated you to start the company and what is it all about?

The biggest motivation was lack of organisation in the domestic services sector. The labour segment for domestic work is highly unorganised, let alone optimised, that they are not able to grow out of their existing lifestyle. The idea is to organise this segment and build an ecosystem which ensures an increase in income levels for the workers, further giving customers access to standard services.

Our readers would like to know about your core team and their roles?

Our core team comprises of myself, Paarth Dhar, Deepak Sachdeva and Prateek Desai. Paarth has been primarily taking care of our operations. Deepak and Prateek take care of building the necessary technology. I am focused on business and product development. Apart from these each one of us is a customer care rep, hr as well as the field exec.

What is the current Team Size?

Currently, we are a team of 4, with each individual managing a mix of business, technical aspects and operations.

How did you hire your initial team?

It becomes easy to convince the right people when you are clear about your goals and the idea resonates with them.

Which recruiting channels work best for you? Referrals/Job Boards/ Staffing Agencies?

We have mostly been doing pamphlet distribution to acquire workers. Referrals also work well. Although we haven’t tried to tie up with staffing agencies, but they can help when you have funds to help you scale.

What are the key factors that you look for in a potential candidate?

We like to check the background and how reliable is the candidate. It may require to shell out some more money, but they stick with you and are responsible towards their work.

According to you how much is the competition in your vertical? How big is the industry? Who all are your competitors and what are your views on them?

Imagine 78mn urban households pan India that are dependent on maids for their home cleaning.  Also, with nuclear dual income families all around, the dependency on external sources tends to increase. This makes a huge demand for domestic services. Cleaning alone is close to $7bn across tier 1 and in Bangalore it amounts to $1.6bn.

It’s a huge market to accommodate multiple players for a longer time. The pie increases in such a segment, where organisation is not there and demand-supply mismatch exists.

What are your marketing strategies? Do you take help of Social platforms to promote them? Which channels have been very effective? Which marketing channels have been super flops?

We haven’t tried any marketing except for a few group mailers, which managed to create enough stir. With our amazing and reliable service, word of mouth has been quite significant to support us. Pamphlet distribution has not worked for us though.

Can you elaborate on the Challenges in promoting your website/ App?

When your operations are localised, you want the traffic to be coming from one location. Now this is where it becomes difficult for us to spread the word about our digital platforms. We get orders from places we haven’t even started to cater to as yet.

What is the current traction? Can you share some numbers on Usage and Revenue?

We will not be able to share numbers, but at a conceptual level, we are having many customers who keep coming back and they have opted to buy our subscription packages as well. This is a clear indication of organic demand.

Based on your experience would you have any advice for new Entrepreneur / Startups?

We are new, so we are still seeking for feedback and advice from other leaders.  We would like to share our belief that entrepreneurs are problem solvers and the solution is a startup. So, defining the problem correctly will ease things and provide a clear direction. One should also have a holistic view of the problem they are looking forward to solve, however big or small it is. As far as our experience is concerned, as a company we have learnt that patience and perseverance are your best friends in the journey. That’s what our playground demands.  


[This interview is sponsored by , India’s leading aggregator of co-working spaces, meeting rooms and shared offices. If you have additional office space and are looking to rent it, please do list it on If you are looking for space for your startup, do visit]

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