37 Tips To Grow Email Marketing List

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1. Create Engaging Email Content

Every email send should have creative and remarkable content so that readers stay subscribed for the updates. If the readers really likes the content he would love to share it with his friends, colleague and family that are not in your email database.

2. Offer Something Special

The benefits of sharing the email address should be crystal clear. Example : Sign up and get 25% Off coupon across website, Sign up and get free t-shirt at your doorstep, sign up and get link to download the ebook for free etc. 3. Show Them What They Are Missing By Not Signing Give customers a sneak peek of what they are missing by not signing up. 4. Set The Right Expectation Let the people preview the benefits of sharing the email address. This will also help in setting the realistic expectation on signing up for the email promotions, updates and news. 5. Give Multiple Chance To Sign Up The reader may want to sign up anytime while surfing or browsing give them option to sign up on the website, facebook page, pinterest dashboard or provide twitter handle etc. 6. Email Should Be Easy To Forward & Share Most email service provider (ESP) provide an easy link to forward the email newsletter and share the content with friends with facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. 7. Use Social Media Running lucrative offers and promotions on social media platform like facebook, google plus, pinterest etc will help in sign ups. 8. Gentle Reminder To Subscribe For regular visitors on the website have a special sign up box designed and let it pop  up after the visitor has viewed couples of items or spend around 10 minutes on the website. Also for bloggers let it pop up when the reader is just about to finish reading the article. 9. Prominent Position Of Opt-In Box The opt-in box/form should be strategically placed where visitors will be compelled to use them. 10.  Run A Contest  Well constructed contest can be really engaging and fun for the visitors. Lucratives prices like win a free Iphone, Mac, Ipad etc really encourages the visitors to participate. 11. Refer A Friend Additional discount on referring a friend will encourage the visitor to invite his colleagues and friends, adding to your email database. Example : Dropbox.com offers 250mb free space on refering a friend. 12. Sent Email Newsletters With Super Niche Information Special team needs to be in place to gather super inche information. Example : If you are into real estate market just don’t email property alerts, try and educate your readers by giving some industry insights or predicting trends. 13. Monitor The Metrics Smart analytics tools helps in monitoring and analysing the right metrics like delivery rate, click through and open rate, unsubscribe etc. Corrective actions can be taken accordingly on the basis of the report. 14. Very Simple Signup Form Simply designed signup form asking for least details will entice people to fill. 15. Preview Of Premium Content Give visitors preview of premium content. A sneak peak on facebook, google +, twitter and linkedin page to lure them on landing page and gate them an email sign up form. 16. Host A Webinar Let some senior manager share the human side of the business. Collect email address from the viewers before entering the webinar. 17. Follow Your Industry Forum Hangout with people on your industry forums, be helpful to them by answering their questions. Example : Indian Real Estate Form (IREF) for property discussions. Do not  push your product immediately but when the time is right offer to trade. 18. Be Direct, Ask People To Share Sometimes there is nothing wrong in being direct and implicit. Provide a button saying “Share With A Friend” in the email newsletter or signup page. 19. Generate Traffic Until and unless people visit the website there will be no email signups. Optimize the website traffic using effective SEO and SEM tools. 20. Barter System Connect with other business owners in your niche, offer them a free service or a product and ask them to promote your business details with their customers as well. Use twitter and linkned to connect. 21. Just Missed Tease your other audience (non-subscribers) by briefly sharing the highlight of valuable content they have missed. Smartly place the sign up box saying “Do Not Miss Again”. 22. Show Testimonials On The Signup Form Integrating testimonials from real people might give reassurance to the visitors who are a little hesitant and encourage them to sign up. 23. Blog Insightful and meaningful blog posts will attract visitors and it is a great way to humbly ask people to sign up for regular updates. 24. Easy For Mobile Users Many people these days shop and read on their smart phones, signup process should be very simple for mobile users as well. 25. Ask For Email Address Over A Phone Call  Ask your sales agents to politely ask for email address when the discussion is about to over. He can ask by saying “May I please have your email address, so that I can email you the details.” 26. Collect Email Address When The Product Is Out Of Stock If the customer has shown interest in out of stock product, do ask for email address to notify when the same is in stock. 27. Offer A Free Tool Create an online tool, offers its service for free and have users signup for it. Example: If you run a property portal offer a free tool to track the updates, if you provide trading services provide free tool to track stock updates etc. 28. Design Redeemable Offers Design lucrative offers which should be redeemable on email signups. 29. Design Targeted Subscription Form Instead of creating a generic campaign for your audience, create multiple subscription template for people of specific interest. 30. Google Ads –  Leverage paid ads by Google to direct traffic to landing page having email signup form. 31. Guest Blogging – 32. Subscription Form On Top Pages – Include opt-in subscription forms on the top 10 pages of your website (assuming it’s not already in your template) as determined by your web analytics. 33. Include Subscription Form Link In Signature Employees should be encouraged to include subscription form link in their email signature. 34. Subscription Via SMS Use short code like (Email to 55555) to receive email newsletter on the go for latest updates and offers.

35. OR Codes

36. Leverage Transactional Email Provide customer the incentive for signing in for the newsletter in transactional emails order confirmation, dispatch details etc. Example : Sign Up and get a FREE COKE on your next visit. 37. Leverage Your Most Viewed Page Take advantage of your most viewed page by proving an opt-in box for email subscription then and there itself. Usually lot of visitors check About Us page , make sure to have a simple signup form on the About Us page. Sources:


[This article is sponsored by workspot.in , India’s leading aggregator of co-working spaces, meeting rooms and shared offices. If you have additional office space and are looking to rent it, please do list it on workspot.in. If you are looking for space for your startup, do visit workspot.in]


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