36 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

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1. Do Not Copy, Be Original

The blog should voice the bloggers opinion, represent the blogger in a genuinely unique manner. The blogger may collect information from various sources but should attune the message according to his taste and style.

2. Not Citing The Sources

If the blogger wants to use facts and data from other websites do so by paraphrasing or using quotes by giving very clear references. Citing the sources will also protect from copyright issues.

3. Not Using Numbered List

Mass of verbiage is not possible for the reader to scan. Numbered list would help the reader to scan the blog post and if the blogger is able to peak the readers interest then he may read the blog post word by word. Also it will be easier for the reader to extract key points of the blog post with minimum reading effort.

4. Using Blog For Sales

Blogger should first focus on building trust, instilling credibility and authority. Blog is a passive sales tools, once the reader has developed trust in you then he is an open for a sales opportunity.

5. Blog Titles Should Be In Sync With The Content

Blog title is like the summary of the blog post in one line. They not only tell the great deal about the blog post but also sets the readers expectation.

6. Not Using Images

Images helps to break the monotony of the blog post. The blogger should try and use images supporting the blog content. Supporting images helps the reader to extract key information at a glance.

7. Not Highlighting Key Takeaways

If the reader has to dig deep in for key points the likelihood is he would discontinue reading. Bolding and highlighting the key points will attract the readers and help me extract key points at a glance.

8. Not Structuring The Blog Post

Most of the readers wants to scan the blog post and do not read it. Structuring the post using headings and sub-headings will help the reader to understand the layout and scan the blog post at a mere glance.

9. Using Too Many Jargon’s

Bloggers think by using very flowery languages , industry jargon’s , lingo and vocabulary they will impress the reader but many times they lose the reader. Using big words is not bad but it has to be used in the right context.

10. Writing Recycled Content With No Additional Information

Blogger should write when he has something to say. If the blogger is only producing the recycled content without adding new findings or giving a different view point than he is simply wasting his and his’s viewers time.

11. Do Not Write For Google

Writing for Google robots, using specific keywords for SEO and SEM in the blog post will not only kill your creativity but also bore your audience. The goal should be to write first and then optimise for better search results.

12. Do Not Counts While Writing

Many bloggers in order to write more words fill their blog post with useless information, they believe more words will help in pulling traffic. The aim of the blogger should be communicate his thoughts, his findings in the best manner possible irrespective of word count.

13. Not Identifying The Audience For Your Blog

Writing for a particular set of audience will give the blog post a better voice and visibility. Generic blog post written for masses can never be conversational , personal and engaging .

14. Do Not Be In Rush To Publish

Even the greatest of the great writers edit their work couple of time before publishing. Multiple rounds of editing will help in polishing each sentence, word. Trimming down long sentences into two will increase the readability. A well edited blog post will deliver a good reading experience.

15. Do Check Spelling & Grammar

Incorrect spelling and wrong grammar will turn off the reader and he may never return to your blog. Use online free tools for spelling as well as grammar check before publishing the article.

16. Do Not Think To Publish Daily

Blogger should focus on write 1 inspiring, meaningful blog post rather than clogging the readers inbox daily with crappy blog posts.

17. Do Not Change Topics Frequently

Bloggers meandering from one topic to another topic will never be able to cover one topic in depth. To produce best quality blog post  go deep first and then wide.

18. Not Updating The Blog On Regular Basis

Lack of regular updates kills thousands of blogs daily. Non-updated blogs will eventually lose traffic and will finally die. To maintain the freshness of the blog post update it with discipline and commitment.

19. Not Replying To Comments On the Blog Post

Blog post is a two way communication between the blogger and the reader, the blogger should reply to the comments on his blog post to establish better one on one relation with his readers.

20. Not Giving An Option For Full RSS Feed

21. Not Doing Marketing

Saying hello to others bloggers in the same niche will help in catching more eyeballs. While interacting with others bloggers you might come across some great ideas.

22. Inconsistency in Blog Frequency

Bloggers should follow a discipline in publishing posts on their blog. This does not mean publishing 6 blog post in a week but try for at-least 2 to 3  quality post per week. Do follow a publishing routine.

23. Stop Boosting About Yourself

Many bloggers love to discuss about their life, achievements etc on their blog which does not interest the reader. The readers are looking for an information which they can use and learn from, do provide them with the same.

24. Title Not Catchy Enough

Blog title is like a bait, if the title is not catchy enough the reader might skip the blog post.

25. No Engaging Content

First few lines of the blog post should be able to grab readers attention.  Once the bloggers is able to engage the reader the rest of the content the reader will consume willingly.

26. Protect the Blog From Spammy Comments

Bloggers should ensure their blog posts are free from spammy comments, the readers might lose their trust and would never return back.

27.  Not Doing Effective SEO

It’s always encouraging to see growing traffic on the blog , to achieve the same ensure the following integrate google analytics, use relevant key word rich title, each blog post should have a permalink, install SEO plugin-ins and use anchor text.

28. Not Having Self Hosted Blog

29. Not Offering Multiple Subscription Method

Some readers subscribe through RSS feed and some prefer email notification , make sure to include both in the blog post.

30. Social Sharing Buttons Missing

Prominent  icons of popular social sharing platform like Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus etc should be added in each blog post to enable easy share of content.

31. Not Adding The Blog To Google Blog Search

Let google know your blog exist. Adding the blog to google blog search will help google to index the blog as soon as possible.

32. No Blogger Details

Readers always want to who the blog owner is, about us page helps to build credibility and contact us page helps the reader to connect with the blogger.

33. Not Focusing On Building Email List

Building an email list from the very first day helps in promoting the blog, interacting with the readers and ask for their valuable feedback.

34. Having Too Many Advertisements

Displaying too many advertisements in an around the content makes it difficult for the reader to read. The content for which you have worked so hard should take the center stage.

35. No Pop Up Ads Please

Ads appearing out of no where while the reader is intensely reading the blog post is very irritating and annoying for them.

36. Do Not Use Splash Pages

Use of splash page in the middle of the article disrupts the reader and is very annoying. Source :


[This article is sponsored by workspot.in , India’s leading aggregator of co-working spaces, meeting rooms and shared offices. If you have additional office space and are looking to rent it, please do list it on workspot.in. If you are looking for space for your startup, do visit workspot.in]

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