19 Tips To Reduce E-mail Newsletter Unsubscribe Rate With Examples

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1. Smarter Segmentation

Better and more specific segmentation of the database will help in drafting more relevant e-mail offers for the subscriber. Slicing and dicing of data on the basis of onsite behaviour, source of the e-mail address etc. will let the marketers deliver customised e-mail newsletter with the content that interest the recipient.

2. Customised E-mail Newsletter Frequency

Each recipient have his own preferences for newsletter updates. Some would like to receive an update daily, some weekly and others many be monthly. Receiving e-mail newsletter according to recipient wish will not annoy him and he would also like to open the newsletter.

3. Offer Multiple Communication Method

Some would like to receive an e-mail update, some prefer RSS feed , some are more comfortable with SMS alert and other prefer social networking websites. Provide ample options to the subscriber to choose from. Example: A snapshot from Hubspot.com. Selection_034

                           Image Source: Digifire Internal Research  

4. Schedule E-mail Sending

If the recipient knows what time they will receive your e-mail newsletter they will not be surprised, as the expectation pre-set. Many people do not like surprises and hence either unsubscribe or mark the e-mail as spam. Example: A snapshot from printstudio.com. Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 5.49.58 PM

                                                                                      Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

5. Minimise E-mail Newsletter Load Time

Do not include too big images as they generally increase the e-mail load time. People get really irritated and hastily click on link to unsubscribe.

6. E-mail Newsletter Should Be Mobile Compatible

Mostly people prefer checking and reading e-mail on the go, make sure the e-mail is mobile compatible and delivers a good reading experience. Example: A snapshot from ebay.com. IMG_1731  

                                                                                  Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

7. Offer Something Exclusive

People subscribe hoping for something exclusive. Make sure each newsletter has some special offer, news, update to share. Example: 2 updates from Amazon.in . First they are offering special sale on baby’s product and second  sharing the news of marking 365 days in India. Selection_035

                                                                                     Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

8.  Analyse Reason to Unsubscribe

Firstly ask the people the reason to unsubscribe and on the basis of the feedback collected.  Try and work out a solution for it. ExampleAn e-mail from magicbricks.com. Selection_036

                                                                                     Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

9. Option To Sign Back Again

Oops sometimes people unsubscribe accidentally, give them an option to subscribe again. Example: An e-mail from woot.com. Selection_037

                                                Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

10. Option To Update Or Change E-mail Address

Sometime people would like to change their official e-mail address to personal for receiving e-mail newsletters. Also some would like to update the old official e-mail address to new official address. Example: An e-mail from quickbooks.com. Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.31.34 AM

                                                                                     Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

11. Analyse The Statistics

Daily monitoring the stats brings the performance clear and loud. Corrective actions can be taken if there is any performance lag.

12. Reduce E-mail Newsletter Frequency

If you notice some people have lately not opened any of the newsletter, reduce the frequency as they might be running busy. Also try and draft more targeted e-mail newsletter with exclusive offer.

13. Make The Process To Unsubscribe Easy

Unsubscribe link or button should be very easy to locate in the e-mail newsletter. People really feel very annoyed when they are not able to locate the link and mark the e-mail as spam. This brings band name to the brand and they would never subscribe for the e-mail newsletter again. ExampleAn e-mail from woot.com.


                                                                                       Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

14. Give An Option To Opt Down

If someone is willing to unsubscribe give them an option to opt down i.e. a) Reduce the e-mail newsletter frequency from daily to once a week or once in 2 weeks etc. b) Change the e-mail update timing from morning 10a.m. to 2 p.m. or 4 p.m. etc. c) E-mail more specific newsletter, like offers only on books or offers on festivals only.

15. A/B Testing

Test the following to identify the right mix: a) Various subject lines. b) E-mail newsletter frequency. c) E-mail update timings. d) Newsletter content. c) Newsletter designing like font size, call-to-action placement, number of images, etc.

16. Special Attention To People With Low NPS

People with low net promoter score (NPS) needs special attention. E-mail them newsletter with exclusive discounts, offers etc. Address their issue as soon as possible and try and make them feel special and  important.

17. Never Hide Your Identity

People are very reluctant to open e-mail newsletter from an unknown sender. From address is a must for every newsletter. Example: An update form ICICIdirct.com, Amazon.in and Elance.com. Selection_032                                                                              Image Source: Digifire Internal Research

18. E-mail Newsletter Structure

People mostly just scan through the newsletter and if it difficult for them to scan they would simply unsubscribe without second thoughts. Some key points for a well structured newsletter are: a) Optimal use of images. b) Easy to read font size. c) Use of bullets and numbered list if required. d) Good resolution images. e) Highlighting the key message. f) Keep it simple. Example: An e-mail from wufoo.com is a one of the best example of well structured update. Selection_001

                                                                                 Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 

19. Option Of Subscription Management

Do give subscribe the flexibility to manage his subscription. Example: An e-mail from wordpress.com. Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.09.09 AM

                                                                                   Image Source: Digifire Internal Research 
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[This article is sponsored by workspot.in , India’s leading aggregator of co-working spaces, meeting rooms and shared offices. If you have additional office space and are looking to rent it, please do list it on workspot.in. If you are looking for space for your startup, do visit workspot.in]


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